Once we have a contractual agreement, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

Aquaponic Systems U.S.A. monitors Key Performance Indicators at regular intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.



Aquaponic Systems U.S.A.

Aquaponics Consulting


OUR SYSTEMS can be installed and stored anyWHERE. 

Our professional staff includes a Texas certified licensed exotic breeder, we also have special expertise in site surveys, organic needs assessment, customization product building and product maintenance.

SEASONED PROfessionals

We identify technology, training, and processes for our customers to reach their specific needs and goals. 

Aquaponic Systems U.S.A. uses surveys, interviews, and observations to conduct a comprehensive service audit.



South Texas Aquaponics and Sustainability Group

Mission Statement

Keep it simple, keep it productive

Our goal is to fulfill the wants and needs of each of our customers from the hobbyist in his or her back yard that is looking to feed their family good clean chemical free food to the commercial micro farm that intends to sale produce and fish at their local farmers markets and grocery stores.

To achieve this we strive to keep construction of all our systems from small self contained micro units to our twenty thousand gallon farm designs simple thus keeping them easy to maintain for our clients.

We sale only non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and chemical free Mozambique Tilapia Here in San Antonio, Texas. Our fish come from a 20 year old strain that has been maintained pure and disease free.

We provide seminars through out the state of Texas offering real knowledge and answers from years of hands on experience.

The end result that we here at Aquaponic Systems U.S.A. intend to accomplish is to teach people how to change their lives by doing so We Change the World..

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