Please feel free to contact us at the number below or through our web site at the web portal here, we at Aquaponic Systems U.S.A. firmly believe that no job is to small and we can and have handled several large projects.


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Aquaponic Systems U.S.A.

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South Texas Aquaponics and Sustainability Group

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas. We are open to any and all visions.

We at Aquaponic Systems U.S.A. want to see everyone succeed in Aquaponics. Bad information is the one thing that will cause failure faster than anything else. We try to look at things from all angles and have learned that failure can be a good thing if you learn from it and have the courage to move forward. We don't believe in giving up we believe in you.

A wise man said:

“You can learn something from every person you meet as long as you keep your mind open.”

Quote by:

Carmen (Red) Sumrow

(My Father)

I humbly dedicate the rest of my life to the one person that always believed in me, my father.

Aquaponic Systems USA has a future plan to build a educational facility here in San Antonio, Texas.

We see the need to share the knowledge and expertise with our community. We appreciate the support we have been given thus far and would like to reach out to everyone and ask for information that can benefit this huge project. If there are ideas, funds, locations, or materials that can benefit this or other projects please contact us. We make every effort to support those that help and support us.

Please contact us first through phone or E-mail to purchase fish or one of our self contained Aquaponic units. Our location is not always staffed for walk in customers due to our working on projects at other customers locations. If you just need to ask a question call or use the message box below.

We freely answer questions and feel that all questions are valid.

Please give us some details if you are requesting our assistance especially on an up coming event or seminar that you would like us to conduct.

Aquaponic Systems USA is located

out side loop 410 on the East side of San Antonio, Texas

off of Hwy 87 east towards La Verina, Texas turn right on FM 1628

about 4 miles before Loop 1604

about .3 tens of a mile on the left.

5996 F.M. 1628 Adkins TX 78101 U.S.

G.P.S: 29.365022,-98.289744

Phone: 210.461.2309


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