Custom Design services

We provide custom design services to meet the needs of each specific customer through comprehensive evaluations of their wants and needs.

First we stand behind all our products from our pure Mozambique Tilapia to our custom designs and construction of Aquaponic Systems.

To accomplish this we test fish each year to insure they are disease and chemical free. Our Mozambique Tilapia are rated some of the best in the state of Texas.

We are and employ only professional tradesmen to build and install all of our systems. We make our selves available to our customers to answer any questions that they may have about their systems.

We do quality audits by calling our past customers to collect information on the function of our systems over time and to insure that our customers expectations are being met.

We listen to our customers to be able to design and build their Aquaponic systems according to their specifications and customize them the way they see it in their minds.

We ask our customers to let us take the worries out of stepping into the future of Aquaponics.

We do all these things because we truly care and plan to be in business for many years to come!


Versitility of grow beds 

All types of organically grown fruits and vegetables can be efficiently integrated into single custom bed designs.


Our aquatic products such as Mozambique Tilapia are a pure breed hormone free and a NON-GMO affected strain.

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